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Exam types: 

• written exam of 60 min or 120 min
• exam paper
• oral exam/presentation
• combinations of the mentioned types

Information about the exam date and registration:

• at the course descriptions and at
• Klausurmasterplan (timetable for exams – only mandatory modules)
• Hörsaalplan (available for download two weeks before the examination period)
• Registration online via LSF. Timeframe will be announced (December for the winter semester, May for the summer semester)

Please be aware that exam registration is mandatory!!

Exam inspection: 

If you did not pass an exam please be aware that each course offers an "exam inspection", mostly before mid March for the winter semester and in August for the summer semester. The exact date will be announced on the institute's website. 

There is no special re-take possibility but exams can only be re-done in the following semester or year (depending on the course) if the student is still enrolled.