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European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

ECTS credits at Munich School of Management

Credits are allocated to all LMU Bachelor and Master classes in Business Administration.

  • Lectures ("Vorlesungen") are the most common teaching mode. The aim is mainly to give the students a theoretical knowledge of the subject. Registration to attend a lecture is not required, the number of participants is not limited. Credit points will be obtained in written examinations ("Klausur"). The number of credits depends on the number of academic hours (academic hour = 45 min.) per week ("Semesterwochenstunden", "SWS") of which the lecture consists. As a rule each SWS means an examination of half an hour (30 min.) and 1,5 credits. For example: For a lecture of two academic hours (90 min.) per week (2 SWS) there will be a written exam of one hour (60 min.) and 3 credits. Normally a lecture consists of two or four SWS (3 or 6 credits).
  • Lectures can be supported by tutorials/exercises ("Übungen"). Tutorials will help the student to deepen the topics taught in a lecture under supervision. There are no assessments.
  • Seminars ("Proseminare" or "Seminare") will train the ability to apply theoretical knowledge to problem solving. Normally, registration to attend a seminar is required, the number of participants is limited. Deadlines for application are indicated in course descriptions. Assessment is based on different kinds of assessments, like essays, class presentations and written exams. The number of credits depends on the number of different examinations required. Typically each assessment means 3 credits. For example: If students have to write an essay and a written exam, 6 credits can be obtained.
  • In Colloquies ("Kolloquien") special topics are being discussed. There are no assessments.

In doubt please refer to your counselor at IRC.

ECTS grading system

ECTS GradePercentage of successful students normally achieving the gradeMunich GradeDefinition
A 10 1,0 - 1,3 Excellent: outstanding performance with only minor errors
B 25 1,7 - 2,0 Very good: above the average standard but with some errors
C 30 2,3 - 3,0 Good: generally sound work with a number of notable errors
D 25 3,3 - 3,7 Satisfactory: fair but with significant shortcomings
E 10 4,0 Sufficient: performance meets the minimum criteria
F - 5,0 Fail: considerable further work is required


ECTS Transcript of Record

An ECTS transcript of records is issued on demand. Please contact your counselor at IRC.